Our approach to the environment

Our approach to the environment

Our approach to the environment

Accelerating sustainability, together

by 2027

Over the last 25 years, ST has achieved positive results in managing the environmental impact of its activities. Since 1994, we have reduced our energy consumption by 50% per unit of production, reduced our overall water footprint by 72% per unit of production and improved our waste reused and recycled from 22% to 88%.

In 2020, ST decided to go beyond what we have already achieved by accelerating our sustainability initiatives and announcing our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2027 (see Energy and Climate Change).

Convinced that achievements will be greater if they are collective, we aim to increase our cooperation with strategic partners, customers, suppliers, employees and leading organizations, to advance our progress towards sustainability.

A robust management system

Our environmental policy (available on www.st.com), in place since 1993, will be supported by our new Sustainability Charter in 2021. The Charter outlines our commitments for the next seven years and replaces our 2014-2020 Decalogue (see Decalogue results). Dedicated corporate and site teams define and implement environmental programs and procedures, carry out projects, share knowledge and monitor performance. Our environmental management is aligned with international standards such as ISO14001, ISO50001, ISO14064 and EMAS. Our performance and management systems are regularly evaluated and certified through internal and third-party audits. I 103-2 I 103-3 I


EHS legal compliance audits

Environmental risks are reviewed annually through our enterprise risk management and business continuity processes (see Risk Management). To prevent any potential negative impact on the environment, we take a precautionary approach when assessing new processes, chemicals and products, as set out in Principle 15 of the Rio Declaration. I 102-11 I

Moreover, to limit any risks related to our license to operate, we have a three-year program to conduct third-party environment, health and safety (EHS) legal compliance audits. This program covers all our manufacturing sites, all our warehouses and all our sites with more than 150 employees. In 2020, 13 EHS legal compliance audits were performed.

Working together

Participating in industry and trade associations

In 2020, we continued our collaboration with the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA), the European arm of the World Semiconductor Council, which takes a leading and proactive approach to EHS responsibilities. Our experts participated in working groups on resource conservation, air emissions, and chemicals. They also shared the health and safety practices and risk management measures we have implemented to protect people during the pandemic (see Health and Safety).


of ACSIEL environmental committee

We are members of numerous trade associations, working alongside other semiconductor companies to define the future, and consider the environmental impact of the electronics industry. These include ACSIEL Alliance Electronique, which in 2020 nominated Adeline Oliva, ST’s Corporate Environment Program Manager, as president of the environmental committee; Fédération des Industries Electriques, Electroniques et de Communication in France; Federazione Nazionale Imprese Elettrotecniche ed Elettroniche in Italy; and SEMI Europe. I 102-12 I

Engaging employees in environmental initiatives

Our employees play a leading role in helping to make the change to a greener world. All our sites undertake initiatives to encourage people to respect the environment in everything we do. Some of the many awareness and communication campaigns and initiatives implemented by ST sites in 2020 included student visits to our facilities in Kirkop (Malta), beach cleaning near Catania (Italy), elimination of plastic cups and a zero food waste project in Ang Mo Kio (Singapore), biodiversity projects with an insect hotel in Tours (France) and installation of beehives in Rennes and Crolles (France).