Facing the pandemic

Facing the pandemic

Protective measures

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic our top priority has been to protect the health and safety of our employees. We activated a Corporate Crisis Team (CCT) to implement immediate measures to protect our employees, ensure the continuity of our operations, and limit the spread of the virus at our sites.

Man standing in front of lockers

Psychological support with






blog updates answering employees’ questions

Staff wearing masks in a canteen


employees working from home

Protective barriers in areas such as canteens, meeting rooms, cloakrooms

Two people holding measuring tape

Social distancing measures

Screenshot from a video call

In-site production

To address the worldwide shortage of protection equipment at the beginning of the pandemic, our employees used their creativity and expertise to manufacture sanitizer and protection equipment using our facilities, innovation labs and 3D printers.

Icon of Mask

10 million

protection masks provided to employees

Digitalization of processes and working methods

Two men mixing hand sanatizer


liters of hand sanitizer

Hands holding masks over an open box

Strict control of site entrances and travel restrictions

People on a bus wearing masks
Icon of 3D-Printer

3D printed valves to transform snorkeling masks into breathing masks designed in our innovation labs

Man putting masks in boxes


face shields

Icon of three people and a speech bubble


corporate crisis team meetings

Financial assistance (salary advances, accommodation fees) for vulnerable workers

Colourful face shields

Donations to support communities

We supported our local communities with donations, fundraising and in-kind giving, in particular for hospitals during the first wave of the pandemic but also to help disadvantaged populations.

Dollar sign




Icon of Mask


surgical and FFP2 masks

Hospital staff holding signs with thank you messages
Two people bringing a trolley with masks
Three people loading boxes of masks onto a truck


protective clothes

Icon of hand below sanitizer dispenser


liters of hand sanitizer

Two people standing next to boxes in front of the ST life augmented logo


face shields and protective glasses

People in full protective gear holding papers saying
Administrative staff with masks holding signs
Woman in full protective gear holding sign


ventilators (donated by a supplier and redistributed to hospitals)

Group of hospital staff holding sign and box with masks
Five people in front of boxes holding signs with hearts
Icon of smartphone


mobile phones for isolated people to reach their family

Woman holding package
Icon of person in front of notebook


computers to schools and non-profit organizations to help disadvantaged pupils access school digital solutions

Man giving box to ambulance staff
Two woman in front of boxes