Our long-term ambitions and goals

Our long-term ambitions and goals



Status end 2020

Putting people first

Health and Safety

Be a safe workplace with zero injuries, zero occupational diseases and ensure healthy lives and well-being for all.

recordable cases (work-related injuries and illnesses) for employees and contractors by 2025.

0.15% recordable cases for employees.
RC rate for contractors will be available in 2021.

Labor and Human Rights

Be recognized as a leader in labor and human rights and apply a zero tolerance approach to forced labor.

of ST manufacturing sites recognized in social responsibility by international external bodies by 2025.

2/11 sites with RBA Platinum recognition.

Talent Attraction and Engagement

Offer the best employee experience in all the locations where we operate.

Employee engagement rate
+10 points above country norms by 2025.

10/13 countries.

Diversity and Inclusion

Achieve full gender equality and be a leader in cultural and disability inclusion.

of women in all management levels by 2025.

Experienced 19%
Senior 13%
Executive 10%

Augmenting everybody’s life

Innovation and Profits

Sustain profitable growth, with clear and focused leadership objectives in the four end markets we address.

of revenues generated by new product lines by 2025.



Lead our market in terms of product quality, with no severe quality incidents, while meeting the most stringent customer expectations.

severe quality incidents by 2025.
(2016 baseline)


Sustainable Technology

Design and manufacture products that have the greatest positive impact on the planet and society.

% revenues generated by responsible products vs 2016 by 2025.

18.5% revenues generated by responsible products.

Protecting the environment

Climate Change

Reduce our impact on climate change.

Be compliant with the 1.5°C scenario by 2025, and carbon neutral by 2027.
renewable energy by 2027.

Carbon Neutrality program.


Continuously decrease our carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency.

energy consumption vs 2016 by 2025.
(normalized values)



Maintain our leadership in water efficiency by reducing consumption, recycling more, and reinforcing our efforts in water scarcity areas.

water consumption vs 2016 by 2025.
(normalized values)


Waste and Chemicals

Strive for zero waste in landfill, reduce our consumption of chemicals and eliminate hazardous materials.

of our waste reused and recycled by 2025.


Acting together

Responsible Supply Chain

Systematically assess and mitigate social, environmental, health & safety, and ethical risks in our extended supply chain.

suppliers at risk audited by 2025.

133/800 suppliers audited.

Community and Education

Prepare the future by supporting education in schools in all the countries where we operate.

STEM* education partnerships in 20 countries by 2025.
* Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

7/20 countries.